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Fuel Cell: A Source of Clean Energy

[ Vol. 11 , Issue. 2 ]


Abhik Chatterjee*   Pages 120 - 131 ( 12 )


From present day’s perspective, it has been widely acknowledged that our industrialized modern world requires new ways to solve the global demand for energy and environmental associated problems. Conventional sources of electrical energy run by traditional fuels (like coal, oil etc.) are immensely polluting. Fuel cell technology offers promising and sustainable options for the future generation energy scenario. The recent commercialization of fuel cell has been given importance due to its higher efficiency and reduced environmental hazards. Though the concept of fuel cells is not new, its background is very old. This article covers the following points: concept of fuel cell, history of fuel cells, fuel cell components, comparison with batteries, classification of fuel cells, current progress of fuel cell components, and its present applications status.


Fuel cell, galvanic cell, energy, current, membrane, electrocatalyst.


Department of Chemistry, Raiganj University, Raiganj UttarDinajpur 733134, West Bengal

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