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The Opportunities And Challenges Of Preformed Particle Gel In Enhanced Oil Recovery


Imran Akbar* and Zhou Hongtao  


Enhanced oil recovery, is a technique that has been used to recover the remaining oil in reservoirs after primary and secondary recovery methods. Some reservoirs are very complex and require advanced EOR techniques containing new materials and additives in order to produce maximum oil in economic and environmental friendly manners. In view of EOR technique, in this work previous and current challenges have been discussed, and suggested some future opportunities. This work comprises the key factors such as; transport of Preformed Particle gels, Surface wettability and conformance control that affect the efficiency of PPGs. The conduits, fractures, fracture-like features and high permeability streaks are the big challenges for EOR, as they may cause early water breakthrough and undesirable water channeling. Hence, use of PPGs is one of the exclusive commercial gel inventions which not only increase oil production but also decrease water cut during oil production. Moreover, different studies regarding PPG, surfactants, and Silica nanoparticle applications i.e. Effect of salinity, Particle size, swelling ratio, gel strength, wettability, and adsorption were also discussed. At the end, few research directions were suggested for future work to overcome the conformance problems and increase oil recovery.


Adsorption, Oil Recovery, Permeability, Preformed Particle gel, Silica nanoparticles, Wettabilit


Institute of international education, China University of Petroleum, Shandong 66 Changjiang Road, Qingdao Development Zone, Oil and Gas Field Development Engineering , China University of Petroleum (East China), Oil and Gas Field Development Engineering

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